Los Gauchos Alemanes began as a guitar trio in Berlin 1992. Tours of Europe and South America followed. The line up has changed every two years, but always based upon the same core, and it will probably continue to change - frequently their live and studio guests remain for an extended period of time if the music calls for it.

Their first CD "Hot Fat Fish" was released in 1993 by Possible Records, recorded in Germany, Argentina and Chile.

During '94 and '95 the band toured Argentina extensively, those two years are documented in their second CD "Little Beast" (Discipline Records, 1997) the album features live and studio recordings.

The band moved the focus of their work to Europe in 1997 and a quartet line up recorded "Gauchomania", (Possible Records, 1999) a CD that features 12 tracks of new material and covers.
 A tour of Argentina, Chile and Germany followed in 1999

A fractal line up began working in Roma, November 1999, this work led to the release of the "Commendatore Zucchini e i suoi Corni Solitari" CD in December 2000 and the live EP "You Shall Be On" in 2001.

Commendatore moved through different incarnations between 1999 and 2004: C. Zucchini, C.Esponja, Johnny Cactu feat.Melvin Getorange and Los Metaphire.

Members of LGA and Commendatore worked togeher with The Berlin Guitar Ensemble consistently until 2001, and have been touring and recording with The League Of Crafty Guitarists since 2002.

The new LOS GAUCHOS ALEMANES-COMMENDATORE album features live and studio tracks ´97-´04, and it's OUT NOW!