Los Gauchos Alemanes
01 The Whip
02 Cinco Latinos
03 Ruthenian Song
04 Fat Fish Frying In Butter
05 Voices Of Ancient Children
06 The Frost
Santos Luminosos
09 Figueroa '69
10 Rhodeo T.D.D.E.
11 El Cruce De San Miguel
12 Ultimate
13 Zofar Akktivitje
14 Mal De Chagas
15 Berlin, ...Maybe Monday
16 Shining Saints
Bonus Tracks
17 Frozen Gaucho Remix
18 Dresden Dozen Whip
Double Whopper
Released: 1996
Rockslide Records

Los Gauchos Alemanes, "Double Whopper", features a "Hot Fat Fish" remastered  re-issue and Santos Luminosos's  first cd  
(Leuchtende Heilige) plus 3 bonus tracks: "Gauchos meet Santos"