01 Fireplace
02 Straycat
03 Little Beast
04 Cosmonauta K
05 Voices Of Ancient Children
06 The Breathing Field
07 Cinco Latinos
08 Valsicordio Andino
09 The Whip
10 Ugly Enough
11 Cadillac '97
12 Rockslide
13 Burning Siesta
14 Little Beast
15 Vrooom
16 Ruthenian Song

Little Beast
Released: 1998

The remastered version of the sold out "pre-release", features a rare Live electric version of "Voices of Ancient Children".


"from innocent acoustic melodies to the most evil trash-metal, Little Beast is superb"

"El Clarin", Buenos Aires

"Los Gauchos come from very different musical backgrounds, wich explains their stylistic widenes live and in the studio.
There was total silence in the theatre after the group performed Voices of Ancient Children, and then a standing ovation followed "

"Soundcheck Magazine", Germany