01 Impact On Earth
02 The Savage - Hava Naguilah
03 San Quilpué
04 Third Man
05 Come Together
06 Yacarés
07 Taking Tiger Mountain
08 Valcape
09 Oro Y Argento
10 Tiradie
11 Devil's Song
12 So Sleepy (Filippo Mix)

Released: 1999
Possible Records


This LOS GAUCHOS ALEMANES album is the result of recording everything we played in Germany during September 1998.

We worked in the basement of the infamous Villa Ruhe, a huge old house in Alfeld (near Hannover), courtesy of Michael Schille-Schumacher, from there we moved to Delligsen (10 miles away) to Ede Lambrecht's living room, always setting up our 8 track mobile (an old funky ADAT, a rusty Mixer, 4 cheap microphones and our borrowed combos - God save the "Wildcat" ! ) a sonic monster with a life of its own .......

We continued our squatting activities in Dresden, where we had another magic old house, Villa Montana, courtesy of Herr Flach ......We were based in these houses while touring locally, playing almost constantly. The Acid King did our live sound and helped recording while driving us around in his legendary freak VW. Most of the tracks were recorded as works-in-progress, and no attempt was made at getting a fancy Hi-Tech sound, we went for the right energy, fast.

All pieces were recorded "Live", no overdubs were made, you're hearing us as we were in the room, no effects were added to the mix, the reverb is the natural ambience of the rooms, an Audio Verite Production! The Luminous boys mixed and edited in Berlin (Jankowski's Flippo Mix !) leaving "mistakes" and audio problems untouched. GAUCHOMANIA captures the best moments of LGA performing intimately, introducing new material and covering some classics, free of studio pressures, between mad Autobahn rides. Enjoy the trip.